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We are experts of real estate valuation and we offer you a major platform for all your questions concerning real estate valuation and we will add experts from other sectors to our team (e.g. architecture, forestry), if this is necessary. This way we can provide a professional team for doing our job and guarantee the highest competence in real estate valuation.

An expert of real estate valuation is a person with special knowledge and experience of the property market and his players. The “Austrian Association of Experts” defines a series of qualifications for everyone who wants to become judicially certified expert. 5 to 10 years relevant professional experience in a responsible position in the field of real estate and an extensive education within the “Academy of Reality Appraisal” is needed for this qualification.

We offer competent valuations from


- Undeveloped real estate

- detached, duplex and multi houses

- Apartment buildings, offices and retail buildings

- Industrial and commercial properties


- Hotels

- Social properties

- Privilege and burden

- Building laws